Spice grinders

When it comes to processing spices, Hela has a lot of valuable experience gathered by three generations. This is mirrored in our assortment of spice grinder filled with a variety of peppers as well as in attractive spice mixtures and spice salts. Hela's spice grinders come with a large variety of flavours, effective seasoning power while they are easy to use.


Hela Spice Grinder Spicy! more

This spice mixture has some fire!
It is a must-have for hot dishes such as currywurst, chili con carne, enchiladas, chutneys, dips and much more.

Packaging Spice grinder
Content 50 g
Art. No. 7401070030021

Hela Salt Grinder Sea Salt more

Pure sea salt is a natural resource that contains a lot of valuable mineral and micronutrients.
This sea salt should be present in every kitchen and is ideal for saltening meat, fish, tomatoes, cucumbers, eggs, potatoes, vegetables and salads.

Packaging Salt grinder
Content 120 g
Art. No. 7401000030021

Hela Spice Grinder Coloured Pepper Mix more

This mixture of exotic pepper varieties is nice to the taste and to the eye. With its hot-sweetish taste, it it perfect for seasoning all dishes with a hint of hot pepper.

Packaging Spice grinder
Content 50 g
Art. No. 7401020030021

Hela Spice Grinder Poultry more

Sweet flavours of paprika and onions add a certain touch to this aromatic spice salt.

It is the perfect way to season classic poultry dishes, e.g. turkey breast or chicken drumsticks.

Packaging Spice grinder
Content 50 g
Art. No. 7401050030021

Hela Spice Grinder Italia more

The selected ingredients bring a hint of Italy to the pot and add a certain Mediterranean touch to all dishes, e.g. pizza, pasta or antipasti.

Packaging Spice grinder
Content 50 g
Art. No. 7401030030021
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